English Channel Swim for Youngcare

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Right now, Australia has a severe shortage of housing for young people with high care needs. There are too many young people with high care needs being left behind in inappropriate and unacceptable housing. At Youngcare, we passionately believe all young people deserve to live young lives – regardless of their care needs – and we know you agree.

To find out more about Youngcare and what we do, visit or call 07 3041 3400.

I am a 48 year old Brisbane based father of 3 who loves the water and a good challenge! I have always dreamt about doing something like swimming the English Channel however never thought that I’d ever actually do it. My wife Trish first got the ball rolling after speaking with Trent Grimsey, current record holder for the fastest crossing of the English Channel.

So now I’m swimming the English Channel to raise funds for Youngcare! I’ve been told that this would probably be one of the best things I will do in my life and I’ve got to say, I think that’s probably right!

The first question people ask me after I tell them that I am swimming the English Channel (apart from “are you crazy?”) is “which charity I are you supporting?” I’ve elected Youngcare because I believe in what they do. This is a great Brisbane based, grass roots charity which our business, Vertica Capital, has supported for a number of years. We’ve had the benefit of seeing this organisation grow and deliver great outcomes for young people with high care needs.

So, please help me help Youngcare by clicking on that big green button up there and giving what you can. Spread the word by sharing my page with your friends, colleagues and family. Thanks for your support!

Cam Noble
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