It’s the ultimate Australian adventure.  Imagine: a vast, rugged landscape, red plains, harsh weather and an endless horizon.

Now, picture trekking over hundreds of sand dunes, for more than 250km on foot, over eight days, carrying a 12-15kg pack.


Trip length:              11 days


Trip dates:                Thursday, 25 May to Sunday, 4 June 2017


Difficulty:                 Extreme/High


Activities:                 Walking across the Simpson Desert

Target:                      $35,000


This morning, over 7,000 young people woke up in aged care across Australia.  

A further 700,000 other young people with high care needs are being cared for each day by loved ones, with limited support.


Right now, Australia has a severe shortage of housing for young people with high care needs. There are too many young people with high care needs being left behind in inappropriate and unacceptable housing. At Youngcare, we passionately believe all young people deserve to live young lives – regardless of their care needs – and we know you agree.

To find out more about Youngcare and what we do, visit or call 07 3041 3400.

9 heroes fundraising today.

Together, we can ensure every young Aussie with high care needs lives the young life they deserve.

When Youngcare Wesley Mission Brisbane Sinnamon Park resident, Julia moved out of aged care into her apartment she described it as though “someone has left the bird cage open and I have flown free.” 

You’re helping us to support young Aussies like Julia to live life with choice, independence and dignity

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