A must–do bucket list experience!

• Live out your bucket list dream of dog sledding in the magical Canadian Yukon

• Learn to drive your own wonderful team of huskies

• Gaze upon the marvellous aurora borealis – the famous northern lights

• Camp in the snow in “Mongolian Yurt” style tents

The trails can be narrow and some runs are challenging, but it will all be worth it knowing that each run you face will be helping a young person with high care needs live with choice, independence and dignity.

Temperatures may get as low as -30 degrees Celsius but the coastal views to the south and west are so stunning you will forget about the freezing temperatures!

Trip length:        10 days (overseas travel included)

Trip dates:         14 – 23 January 2018 (overseas travel included)

Difficulty:           Moderate

Activities:           Dog sledding, sight seeing and snowmobile adventuring

Fundraising:       $30,000

By signing up to this once-in-a-lifetime experience, you will be making a direct impact in the lives of young people with high care needs and their loved ones. We all deserve to live with freedom, and to choose where and how we live our lives.


Right now, Australia has a severe shortage of housing for young people with high care needs. There are too many young people with high care needs being left behind in inappropriate and unacceptable housing. At Youngcare, we passionately believe all young people deserve to live young lives – regardless of their care needs – and we know you agree.

To find out more about Youngcare and what we do, visit www.youngcare.com.au or call 07 3041 3400.

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